arek ignaciuk, contact:, +4858 783332927
3d video mesh about

   Hi, i'm 35 years old self-taught graphic artist from Poland. My interest in 3d graphics began in the nineties after seeing sculpt 3d on Amiga 500. Now, i work mainly on 3ds max, combustion, zbrush and ps plus some minor applications. Beside that i've got experience with premiere, illustrator, indesign, audition, thinking particles and brazil r/s since it's my favorite renderer. i'm capable of learning new software if needed.
   I have an IT Engineer title, programming abilities and knowledge of computer networking. Additionally i've got strong understanding of UV layout creation and texturing, knowledge of normal mapping, knowledge of motion picture compositing process, knowledge of chromakeying and matchmoving, knowledge about audio and video compression methods and formats. I also have 2d graphic design and preparing for print skills.